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Blackwall Green

For over 50 years Blackwall Green has arranged insurance for treasured collections, major exhibitions and leading galleries throughout the world.


A service you can trust

We work with the world’s leading museums, galleries and artists.

We are dedicated to improving insurance and providing an informed, responsive service, and welcome the opportunity to advise our clients and others on any insurance matters. The attention to detail and commitment to our clients that we have demonstrated for over half a century has established our reputation as a leading art and museum insurance broker.


Who we work with

Here are just some of the clients we can work with:

Art Dealers

Working with private clients to major institutions presents a myriad of risks for art dealers, we can provide cover for liability.


Exhibitions mean a lot of insurance considerations, from liabilities to equipment, stock and event cancellation our specialists will create a bespoke policy for your exhibition.


A standard commercial insurance policy often won’t cut it in the event of a claim from globally renowned spaces to pop-ups we can provide specialist gallery insurance for your space


Protecting your home and its contents against the unexpected. We cover high net worth properties across the UK and Europe.


From your main collection, to diversifying into community activities, museum risk profiles are becoming more complex and professional advice on museum insurance is essential

Private Collections

Insuring private collections can be complex, our specialist team will assess the value of your collection, where it’s stored, security, transit and Defective Title cover.


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